Branch in Gliwice:

tel. 32 231 13 47

ul. Zygmunta Starego 49
44-100 Gliwice

Branch in Zabrze:

tel. 32 271 79 63

ul. Wolności 209
41-800 Zabrze



Jasek-29JASEK has organised cremation for many years. Since 2007, it has cooperated with the first and largest crematory in the region.

Should you need, we may take over all the formalities connected with the cremation and burial.

The first contemporary European crematory was opened in 1873 in Milan. The Catholic Church allowed for cremation in 1963 and certified its compliance with the Roman Catholic faith. Since then, cremation has had its true Renaissance.

An undoubted advantage of cremation is the saving of space as the urn needs little space when compared to the coffin. Today, when there is scarce space in many cemeteries, and a growing number of Poles choose family tombs, cremation is becoming even more important. Another important aspect is the economy - cremation and a family tomb are simply cheaper.